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      More and more parents are willing to cultivate the comprehensive English ability of primary school children, and online learning English is the choice of many parents. Which two aspects should the English online learning be considered by the teachers of foreign teachers in Europe and America?


      1. Pay more attention to teachers' resources and teaching system when choosing


      According to the survey, in developed coastal areas, more and more parents tend to improve their oral English skills when they are children. Compared with other regions of the country, parents choose to use online English learning methods. When choosing, they should pay attention to the influence of children's learning hobbies, teachers' curriculum system, teaching cost and cost. Most parents believe that English learning is very important for children in junior high school.


      2. It is also important to pay attention to the teaching methods of the training class


      Parents choose children's English training starting point is also a foothold, must follow the children's learning interest and acquisition psychology, to provide effective English learning methods for children is also very important.