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      When children learn English without basic, it is very normal to think that children are not good at first. How can the teachers of foreign teachers in Europe and America share with you how to learn English without basic learning?


      (1) Listen more


      Learning English phonetic signs requires more listening. Parents can find some original English audio-visual materials suitable for children and interested in children online, so that children can listen to them, and strengthen their memory through repeated listening practice. Parents can also use tapes to allow children to listen to the sound repeatedly. When you listen more, children can learn to use the phonetic signs.


      (2) Imitation


      For the online learning of English phonetic phonetics, children must pay attention to the changes of teacher's mouth type and pronunciation position, and then let the children imitate the practice in the mirror. Especially, the pronunciation of vowel is closely related to the level of tongue position, mouth opening degree and timbre. The difference in the mouth type can be observed by mirror. This helps children master accurate pronunciation of the phonetic signs.


      (3) Comparison


      There are two main aspects: first, the comparison of the phonetic characteristics of the phonetic sign itself, distinguishing the characteristics, avoiding confusion, and paying attention to the differences in the pronunciation and timbre; Second, pay attention to the differences between the phonemes of Mandarin and foreign languages (courses) or dialects, such as the differences between phonemes [p], [k], [t] in Mandarin and phonemes in English. Through comparison, children can be well aware of the differences in phonemes, so as to ensure the accuracy of English phonetic pronunciation. Pay special attention to the differences between Mandarin phonemes and English phonemes. Some of the voiced phonemes are not found in the Mandarin system. Zero basic children cannot confuse them with some consonants of Mandarin.


      (4) Opening


      As the saying goes, "three days do not write hand students, three days do not read oral life", that is to cultivate children's ability to move mouth. Therefore, children in the process of learning phonetic signs, as much as possible to open up, practice repeatedly. In practice, we can compare and experience differences in practice. For a long time, the child naturally mastered the accurate pronunciation of the phonetic sign.