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      Nowadays, there are many foreign teacher organizations in Europe and the United States, and offline English also has online learning English. What are the advantages of online one-to-one English today?


      One to one English training is a foreign teacher's class. The English pronunciation of foreign teachers is more standard than that of Chinese teachers. It is the best choice for people who want to improve their oral English. The class environment with foreign teachers is better than the dialogue between Chinese and Chinese. Some authentic local expressions can also be learned, so more and more people are learning English online.


      Offline English training institutions have more than ten or twenty students in a class. It's difficult for teachers to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. One to one is different. There are more opportunities for communication between teachers and students. They are more familiar with each other and have higher learning efficiency.


      Online one-to-one English training institutions, many can arrange their own class time, whether it is children's learning or parents' learning English, can freely arrange the class time, without too many restrictions, for people who want to improve their English level is really very flexible.