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      Children's learning English from childhood can help them have a solid foundation in the future. First of all, parents should cultivate their children's interest. What are the notes of cultivating their children's interest in English?


      1. Children should not learn English too early, and the choice of teaching materials is very important. In early childhood, it is more important to focus on listening and speaking. It is more important to expand children's recognition and reading of words than memorizing and writing words. We should memorize words in context instead of reciting words in general.


      2. At the beginning of children's learning English, we should give priority to encouragement instead of attacking children's enthusiasm. Encourage children to speak and use more, and give appropriate rewards.


      3. Usually to the children to see some English cartoons, playing in the middle school to play, at the beginning do not understand it does not matter, a long time also used to.


      4. Don't demonize English in primary school. It's not easy to learn too much grammar and text in lower grades. It's not too late to learn phonetics and grammar after fourth grade. Don't envy other people's children. Make a good study plan, let the children progress slowly, solid is more important than anything.


      5. In learning, the use of gesture memory, homophonic memory, graphic memory, to help children deepen the impression.