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      English learning is becoming more and more important. Many people are very unfamiliar with English. How to master English well?


      1、 It is necessary to put an end to blindness in English learning


      In English learning, if you are self-learning, it is really not good to learn English on the condition of zero foundation, because some pronunciation and English words or words and sentences must be mastered by very professional teachers. In the case of zero foundation, you can't master all these basic knowledge points, It is necessary to summarize and master knowledge points with the help of teachers.


      2、 The practice of oral English in English learning should be insisted on


      Many people are not good at mastering oral English in English learning, because they are lazy to speak in the face of oral practice and oral language. Therefore, in the professional one-to-one training for foreign teachers, there will be one-to-one practice for foreign teachers. This can open the way of oral practice, of course, oral practice is to adhere to, adhere to can improve English performance, can see their own English better.


      3、 From memorizing to mastering, the method is very important


      It is common for us to memorize by rote in the process of English learning. In fact, it really has no effect. We must master the skills of learning English skillfully.