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      European and American foreign teachers have such a dream. Children's English Enlightenment education has become a topic of concern and concern for many post-80s and 90s parents in recent years. Out of love for their children, parents strive to learn and explore correct English Enlightenment and teaching methods.


      As the saying goes, "there is a road in the mountain of books, diligence is the path, and learning is boundless. In the process of children's English Enlightenment learning, cultivating and protecting children's learning interest is the first. In the stage of English Enlightenment, parents can't force children to learn, but observe their children's language level, and then provide learning content matching their children's level, Focus on cultivating children's interest in learning English.


      Whether listening to stories or learning children's songs, watching cartoons or playing games, children are happy, happy and immersed. This is the core of English Enlightenment. Childhood is the best period of language learning and a language sensitive period that parents need to pay special attention to and grasp. In the language sensitive period, children show a high degree of enthusiasm and interest in language, and learn quickly. Once they miss the sensitive period, children's language learning ability will be greatly weakened. Therefore, the earlier children learn English, the easier it is to learn it well.


      Children's language learning ability far exceeds that of adults. As long as the teaching methods are appropriate, every child is a genius for learning language. Parents should, under the guidance of correct learning methods, let children have a happy infiltration of English every day, so that they can learn real English as soon as possible.


      For children's English Enlightenment, parents should not think that the effect will be good if they spend more money. Even if parents pay a lot, if the method is wrong, children may not be able to master English well. Good parents are better than good teachers. Children spend the most time at home every day. Family education is an indispensable link in children's English learning. Therefore, parents should pay attention to accumulate good guidance methods and improve their English Enlightenment education level.


      The guidance for children's English learning does not lie in whether their parents are professional, but in whether they pay attention, whether the methods used are used, and whether the materials used are authentic. As parents, children's English education should not stay in theory, but should be practiced for children; Instead of discussing methods and theories every day, it is better to create a pure English environment for children as soon as possible so that children can swim in English every day.